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Neeraja Bhamidipati

Neeraja  Bhamidipati

PhD candidate

Flows through porous rocks, Turbulent mixing in the ocean, Turbulent starting plumes, Dispersion and mixing

BP Institute
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Cambridge
Madingley Rd


Climate modelling ; Geophysics


  • Numerical Modelling


Key Publications

Bhamidipati N. and Woods A. W. (2020). "Boundary-induced shear and tracer transport in heterogeneous porous rock". Journal of Fluid Mechanics (under review).

Bhamidipati N. and Woods A. W. (2020). "Shear generation in a confined, composite layer of cross-bedded porous rock". Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 899.

Bhamidipati, N., Souza, A. N., and Flierl, G. R. (2020). "Turbulent mixing of a passive scalar in the ocean mixed layer". Ocean Modelling, 149:101615. 

Bhamidipati, N. and Woods, A. W. (2017). "On the dynamics of starting plumes". Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 833.