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Omry Volk

Research Student


Geophysics ; Seismology

Key Publications

Volk, O., White, R. S., Pilia, S., Green, R. G., Maclennan, J., & Rawlinson, N. (2020). Oceanic Crustal Flow in Iceland Observed using Seismic Anisotropy. In review - Nature Geoscience

Finzi, Y., Ganz, N., Dor, O., Davis, M., Volk, O., Langer, S., ... & Tsesarsky, M. (2020) Integrating rock pillars into a fragile geologic features analysis of fault activity in the Negev, Israel. In review - JGR Solid Earth. Preprint

Shani-Kadmiel, S., Volk, O., Gvirtzman, Z., & Tsesarsky, M. (2018). Ground motion amplification atop the complex sedimentary basin of Haifa Bay (Israel). Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. Link

Volk, O., Shani‐Kadmiel, S., Gvirtzman, Z., & Tsesarsky, M. (2017). 3D Effects of sedimentary wedges and subsurface canyons: Ground‐motion amplification in the Israeli coastal plain. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. Link 

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