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Rong Hu

Rong Hu

Research Student

Climate Change and Earth-Ocean-Atmosphere Systems

Downing Site/N308
Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 333449

Research Interests

Project: Spatial and temporal evolution of Nd isotopes in the Pacific Ocean: ocean circulation versus boundary exchange controls.

Academic Friends: Dr. Sally Gibson & Dr. Alexandra Turchyn 

The deep Pacific holds the largest oceanic reservoir of carbon which interchanges with the atmosphere on climatologically important timescales. However, the history of Pacific deep and intermediate circulation, as well as its role in regulating atmospheric CO2 concentration during glacial-interglacial cycles, is poorly constrained because of low sedimentation rates and local high productivity affecting nutrient-based water mass proxies preferentially in sluggish circulation regimes.

My project focuses on reconstructing Pacific water mass circulation changes from Southwest Pacific and Eastern Equatorial Pacific over the last 160,000 years using planktic foraminiferal Nd isotopes, and tries to provide insight into the feedback of ocean circulation changes on oceanic carbon cycling and climate variations combined with other paleoproxies.

Research Supervision

Supervisors: Dr. Alexander Piotrowski & Prof.Dr. Nicholas McCave

Key Publications

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