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Dr Sam Wimpenny

Dr Sam Wimpenny

Research Associate

Denman Baynes Senior Student (JRF) - Clare College

Earthquakes, Fault Mechanics and Active Tectonics

Bullard Laboratories
Madingley Rise
Madingley Road



My research focuses on developing new insights into the mechanical behaviour of active faults, and how fault behaviour is manifest in geological processes such as orogeny. I use observational techniques ranging from geomorphology, space-borne satellite geodesy (InSAR, GPS), seismology, potential field analysis, paleoseismic trenching, numerical modelling and structural geology.

Research Supervision

Demonstrating Experience:

- Part 1B Geophysics (global seismology, basins, active source seismology, plate tectonics)

- Part II Geophysics Core (fault scaling, InSAR/GPS, plate tectonics, passive source seismology)

- Part III Continental Dynamics (InSAR/GPS, fault scaling, continuum models, geomorphology)

Supervising Experience:

- Part 1B Structural Geology and Tectonics

- Part 1B Geophysics and Basin Formation

- Part III Continental Dynamics


earthquake geology ; Geophysics ; Geodesy ; Seismology


  • Seismology
  • Numerical Modelling


Key Publications


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