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Dr Simone Pilia

Dr Simone Pilia

Marie-Curie Independent Fellow

Simone Pilia is available for consultancy.

Department of Earth Sciences
Bullard Laboratories
Madingley Rise

Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 748943


Marie-Curie Independent Fellow, University of Cambridge, 2019-present

NERC Industrial Innovation Independent Fellow, University of Cambridge, 2018-2019

Post-doc, The Petroleum Institute, 2014-2017 

Ph.D.,  Australian National University (RSES), 2010-2014                                                       

MSc, University of Pisa, 2009

BSc, University of Cagliari, 2006


Tomography ; Geophysics ; Seismology

Key Publications

Kaviani A., Mahmoodabadi M., Rümpker G., Pilia S., Tatar M., Nilfouroushan F., Yamini-Fard F., Moradi A., Ali M.(2020) Mantle-flow diversion beneath the Iranian plateau induced by Zagros lithospheric keel. Under Review - Nature Geoscience

Pilia S., Kaviani A., Searle M., Arroucau P., Ali M. Y. and Watts A. B., (2020) Crustal and mantle deformation inherited from obduction of the Semail ophiolite (Oman) and continental collision (Zagros). Under review – Geology.

Volk O., White R. S., Pilia S., Green R. G., Maclennan J., Rawlinson N. (2020) Evidence of oceanic crustal flow in Iceland from seismic anisotropy. Under review – Nature Geoscience.

Pilia S., Hu H., Ali M. and Rawlinson N. (2020) Upper mantle structure of the northeastern Arabian Platform from teleseismic body wave tomography. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors.

Ali M. Y., Watts A. B., Searle M. P., Keats B. S., Pilia S. and Ambrose T., (2020) Geophysical imaging of ophiolite structure in the United Arab Emirates. Nature Communications.

Kaviani A., Paul A., Moradi A., Mai M., Pilia S., Boschi L., Rumpker G., Lu Y., Tang Z., Sandvol E. (2020). Crustal and uppermost mantle shear-wave velocity structure beneath the Middle East from surface-wave tomography. Geophysical Journal International.

Pilia S., Jackson J., Hawkins R., Kaviani A., Ali M. (2020). The southern Zagros collisional orogen: new insights from transdimensional-trees inversion of seismic noise. Geophysical Research Letters. doi: 10.1029/2019GL086258

Pilia S., Rawlinson N., Gilligan A., Tongkul F. (2019) Deciphering the fate of plunging tectonics plates in Borneo, Eos100,

Crowder E., Rawlinson N., Pilia S., Cornwell D., (2019) Transdimensional ambient noise tomography of Bass Strait reveals the sedimentary basin and deep crustal structure beneath a failed continental rift, Geophysical Journal International.

Rawlinson N., Davies R., Pilia S., (2017) The mechanisms underpinning Cenozoic intraplate volcanism in eastern Australia: insights from seismic tomography and geodynamic modelling, Geophysical Research Letters. doi/10.1002/2017GL074911
Pilia S., Arroucau P., Rawlinson N., Reading A. (2016) Inherited crustal deformation along the East Gondwana margin revealed by seismic anisotropy tomography, Geophysical Research Letters. doi: 10.1002/2016GL071201
Rawlinson N., Pilia S., Young M., Salmon M. and Yang Y. (2016) Crust and upper mantle structure beneath southeast Australia from ambient noise and teleseismic tomography, Tectonophysics. doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2015.11.034
Pilia S., Ali M. Y., Watts A. B. and Searle M. P. (2015) UAE-Oman mountains give clues to oceanic crust and mantle rocks, Eos, 96. doi:10.1029/2015EO040937
Balfour N., Cummins P., Pilia S., Love D. (2015) Localization of Intraplate Deformation through Fluid-assisted Faulting in the Lower-Crust: The Flinders Ranges, South Australia, Tectonophysicsdoi:10.1016/j.tecto.2015.05.014
Pilia S., Rawlinson N., Cayley R. A., Bodin T., Musgrave R., Reading A. M., Direen N. G., and Young M. K., (2015) Evidence of micro-continent entrainment during crustal accretion, Scientific Reports - Nature. doi:10.1038/srep08218
Pilia S., Rawlinson N., Direen N., Reading A., Cayley R., Pryer L., Arroucau P., Duffett M. (2014) Linking mainland Australia and Tasmania using ambient noise tomography: implications for the tectonic evolution of the eastern Gondwana margin, Gondwana Research. doi:10.1016/

Pilia S., Rawlinson N., Direen N., Cummins P. and Balfour N. (2013) Structural controls on localized intraplate deformation and seismicity in southern Australia: insights from local earthquake tomography of the Flinders Ranges, Journal of Geophysical Research. doi: 10.1002/jgrb.50168

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