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Stefan Farsang

Stefan Farsang

Research Student

Mineral Physics


Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 368329


2016 - Present: PhD, University of Cambridge

My PhD project investigates high pressure/temperature water-mineral interactions and the liquid-liquid transition of water under the supervision of Prof S Redfern 

2012 - 2016: BSc (Honours) Geology, University of St Andrews

My dissertation investigated the relationship between Asteroid 1 Ceres and carbonaceous chondrite meteorites on the basis of mineralogy and UV-visible spectroscopy under the supervision of Prof M Grady from the Open University and Dr T Raub from the University of St Andrews

Research themes

Mineral Sciences :

Research Interests

Mineral Physics and Mineral Chemistry, Crystallography, Geochemistry, Planetary Geology, Meteoritics

Key Publications

Stefan Farsang, Sébastien Facq and Simon A. T. Redfern (2018): Raman modes of carbonate minerals as pressure and temperature gauges up to 6 GPa and 500°C. American Mineralogist 103 (12) 1988-1998

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