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Dr Tak Ho

Dr Tak Ho

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Bullard Labs
Madingley Rise,
Madingley Road,

Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 34938

Research Interests

CAM2016 is a group of global upper mantle models based on multi-mode surface wave tomography. These models include an upper mantle Vsv model CAM2016Vsv derived from the waveform modelling of ~2 million vertical component Rayleigh waveforms, an upper mantle Vsh model CAM2016Vsh from the waveform modelling of ~0.5 million transverse component Love waveforms, a radial anisotropic model CAM2016Xi derived from the waveform modelling of ~0.25 million Rayleigh and Love waveforms, and a lithospheric thickness model CAM2016Litho. All models are defined on a 2 degree by 2 degree grid. Vsv and Vsh models are given for several lateral smoothing lengths. The models determined with the shorter smoothing length are applicable to the shallower depths while the models determined with the larger smoothing length are more appropriate to the deeper depths. The 1D reference models for CAM2016 are at


Tomography ; Geophysics ; Seismology

Key Publications

Ho, Tak and Priestley, Keith and Debayle, Eric (2016) A global horizontal shear velocity model of the upper mantle from multimode Love wave measurements. Geophysical journal international, 207 (1). pp. 542-561. ISSN Online ISSN 1365-246X Print ISSN 0956-540X DOI 10.1093/gji/ggw292

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