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Will Knapp

Will Knapp

PhD Research Student

Isotope geochemistry

Earth-Ocean-Atmosphere systems

Global climate

Department of Earth Sciences
Downing Street

Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 333432


2015 - 2019: MSci Geology (Hons) at the University of Southampton

2019 - 2023: PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge

Research Interests

The leaps in precision of mass spectrometers in the last decade has allowed the resolvable measurement of tiny variations in novel stable isotope systems. I am particularly interested in how the isotopes of Ca, Mg and Sr behave in the natural environment; what reaction kinetics are at play during isotope exchange, and how does the isotope signal we measure reflect the process that caused it? The investigation of these questions, in rivers and their corresponding catchments, will better our understanding of how low temperature geochemical reactions occurring in river basins link the atmosphere and ocean, and moderate global climate.


Water stable isotopes ; Geochemistry ; Stable isotopes


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