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Allen Basin analysis

Andrews atmospheric physics

Archer Global Warming

Barry Atmophere weather climate

Brigs Palaeo II

Clarkson Inv Pal

Clack groung

SCM Life

Charlton Fluid geomorph

Bradley palaeoclimatology

Bird coastal

Bigg oceans climate

Benton Vert palaeo

Riley Mathematical methods

Ridley evolution 2005

Ridley evolution 2003

Reading sedimentary environments

Shearer seismology

Parfitt fundamentals of volcanology

Pain Physics of vibration

Norman short into to dinosaurs

Nichols seds & strat

Moore intro to vertebrates

Millson & Rigby Fossils at a glance

McGuffie Climate modelling

Marti volcanoes & environment

Lockwood volcanoes

Lisle geological structures and maps

Libes intro to marine biogeochem

Lewens Darwin

Janvier Early verts

Huggett fundamentals of geomorphology

Houghton global warming

Jacobson earth system sciences

Allen earth surface processes

Leeder Sedimentology & sedimentary basins

Leeder physical processes

Kemp origin & evolution mammals

Keary global tectonics

Grove the little ice age

French Geoarcheology

Fossen structural geology

Darwin origin of the species

Cox Plate tectonics

Slaymaker geomorphology

Thompson atmospheric processes

Tucker introduction

Vernon practical guide rock micro

Ward-Smith mechanics fluids

Wilson great ice age

Woodcock geology of Britain & Ireland



Petrology of Sedimentary Rocks






Putnis introduction to mineral sciences

Navrotsky Physics and chemistry of earth materials

Vince Adventures in the Anthropocene

Slingerland Mathematical Modelling

Sunagawa Crystals

Tucker Sedimentary Petrology

Tucker Sedimentary Rocks in the Field

Vernon Rock Microstructure

Wenk Minerals

Wigley The Carbon Cycle

Brusatte Dinosaur Paleobiology

Benton Intro to Paleobiology

Jaeger Rock Mechanics

Fagents Modelling Volcanic Processes

Lunine Earth Habitable World

Hambrey Glaciers

Lamb Physics and Chem of Clouds

Borrego Air Pollution Modeling

Walton Antarctica

Bardgett Biological Diversity

Burroughs Climate Change

Richardson Climate Change

Mintzer Climate Change

Albherg major event in earl vert evo