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A reference of projects that the library holds copies of & locations where students have been mapping

The list below is just a sample of the projects held by the Library. Further examples are available, and are indicated on the interactive map above. Zoom in on the area you are interested in to see if we hold copies of projects in the same proximity.


Part II Mapping Project

Mapping Projects


Project No.



Funding for Mapping Projects


Geology of the Unité de Taulanne Castellane, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'Azur, France   Peter Methley 2019

2019 John Reekie Memorial Prize for Mapping

Selwyn College

The Geology of the Parrsboro Area, Nova Scotia, Canada   Natalie Forrest 2019 Corpus Christi College
Geology of the Steinsfjord, Southern Norway 205 Rory McMillan 2018 St Catharine's College
The Geology surrounding Monachiti, Pindos Mountains, Northwest Greece 204 Charlotte Caplan 2018 Newnham College, Petroleum Explorations Society of Great Britain, Worts Travel Fund
Mysteries of the Tethys Geopark: Geological Mapping in the Greveniotiki Pindos 203 Philip Hawkins 2017 Gilchrist Fund, Worts Travellers Fund, Robinson College
Geology of Change Islands, Newfoundland 202 Caroline Soderman 2017

2017 John Reekie Memorial Prize for Mapping

St John's College, RMS

The Geology of Mount Orliakas and the Pindos Ophiolite, Greece 201 Kevin Wong 2017 Gilchrist Fund, Corpus Christi College
Geology of the Akamas Peninsula, NW Cyprus 198 Will Reis 2016 Magdalene College, Worts Travel Fund
Mapping the Mamonia 197 Matthew Chadwick 2016 Class of 2005 Mapping award, Gilchrist Educational Fund, Mary Euphrasia Mosley, Sir Bartle Frere, Worts Fund, Sidney Sussex Research and Travel Grant
The geology of the Orcières complex, French Alps 193 Emily Mason 2016 2016 John Reekie Memorial Prize for Mapping
The geology of Mount Chaufukwe and the Ruaha River Valley, Chimala, Tanzania 190 Alex Lipp 2016 Bartle, Worts, Mary Euphrasia Mosley Funding

The geology of Northern Flin Flon, Mb, Canada

189 Daniel Spencer 2016 The Ogden Trust, The Worts Travelling Scholars Fund, the Gilchrist Fund, Churchill College
The geology around Villamanin, North Western Spain 186 Matthew Varnam 2015 Christ's College
Mapping Report on Xingcheng, Chinab 180 Qi Ou 2015 Murray Edwards College
The Chenaillet Ophiolite 185 Thomas Hare 2015 St Catharine's College
Geology of Northeastern Utö, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden 179 Richard Stockey 2015 Thompson Award, Worts Travelling Scholars Fund, Christ's College
Geology of the Southeastern margin of the Parnaíba Basin, Brazil 192 Katy Walker 2015 Geological Society, The Santander - Centre for Latin American Studies, Sidney Sussex, Caius, Newnham, Shell, Chevron (oil company applications via Academic Staff)
Santa Barbara Concession, La India Project, Nicaragua 187 Julius Böttcher 2015  
Geology of the Chenaillet ophiolite and the lago nero-replatte thrust sheet, Mongenevre, France 183 Charlotte Jackson 2015 Joint 2015 John Reekie Memorial Prize for Mapping, Funding from Jesus College, Robinson College, the Worts Fund
Mapping report for study of Crémenes, Northern Spain 131 Conor Meenan 2012 Donald Robertson Travel Grant Fund
Geology of The Rooiberg, South Africa 130 Amy Nicholson 2011 No information
The Geology of Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada 129 Alicia Davies 2011 Joint 2011 John Reekie Memorial Prize for Mapping
Nature of members of Borrowdale Volcanic Group and its contact with overlying sediments 128 Alex Brett 2011 1958 Trinity Hall Matriculands 58:08 Fund
El Transito Region, Vallenar, Chile 127 Jenny Roberts 2011 Centre for Latin American Studies, St. John's College
The Geology of the La Totora Valley, El Transito, Vallenar, Chile 126 Robert Green 2011 Centre for Latin American Studies, Trinity College, Shell UK
The Geology of the Wolfville area, Nova Scotia, Canada 125 Ekbal Hussain 2011 No information
Geology of La Totoraregion of the Huasco Valley, Norte Chico, Chile 111 Helen Picot 2011 The Centre for Latin American Studies, Downing College Travel Grant, Worts Travelling Scholars Fund, Marr Memorial Fund


Part II Physical Sciences Dissertation

Literature Reviews


Project No.



Models and controversies surrounding the greenhouse-to-icehouse transition over the Mesozoic and Cenozoic   Pippa Stevens 2019
Powering the palaegeodynamo: Reconcyling recent revision to the Core's thermal conductivity   Yash Kejriwal 2018
What has the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and postseismic deformation taught us about the properties and behavior of subjection zones?   Elliot Gravestock 2018
Understanding mid-Holocene suppression of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation - a review,   Rachel Brown 2017
Seismological evidence for deep mantle heterogeneity   Lily Dunn-Geokjian 2017
How do minerals preserve evidence of shock associated with meteorite impacts and how useful are these effects in determining the pressure of impact?   Lucy Cole 2017
Quantifying levels of oxygen across the Great Oxidation Event – a review 194 Matt Lees 2016
The Recycling of Water at Subduction Zones 73 Joel Gill 2008
Is the Chicxuclub Crater really K-T age? 43 Daniel Welling 2006
An investigation into the Origins of avian flight and the implications of Wing Assisted Incline Running (WAIR) 31

E. Loffill



Funding for Mapping Projects

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