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Erin is Communications Coordinator at the Department of Earth Sciences and the Sedgwick Museum. Erin is responsible for translating the Department’s scientific research into engaging communications via print, social and other digital media. Erin also supports wider strategic communications through promoting teaching in the Department and events at the Sedgwick Museum.

One of Erin’s key interests lies in advocating the importance of geoscience in society. She has run educational workshops on themes including volcanic hazards, climate change and human evolution. Erin is passionate about widening participation, and launched the Department's first Sutton Trust Summer school in 2021.

Erin's academic roots are in geochronology and its application to societal issues. Erin researched Ethiopia's past volcanic eruptions for her PhD (Aberystwyth) and, as a postdoc in the Geography Department, Cambridge, she studied the timing of past climate changes in East Africa. 


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Communications Coordinator
Dr Erin  Martin-Jones

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